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Where Journey’s End Begins

Here is a list of all of the images used in the video below. I am grateful to Surrey Heritage and Kingston Grammar School for permission to use all Sherriff-related images as shown. Additionally I would like to thank Lionsgate Films and Mesh Theatre for their permission to use images from their productions of Journey’s End.



All movie footage taken from the 1930 film of Journey’s End, author’s collection

Title shot: Soldiers walking: Memories of Active Service (MAS), Vol 2, facing p268 (2332/3/9/3/4)

47 seconds: Soldiers silhouetted: MAS, Vol 1, facing p53 (2332/3/9/3/2)

53 seconds: Photo of Sherriff as 2nd Lt (2332/6/4/2)

59 seconds: No Man’s Land: MAS, Vol 1, facing p141 (2332/3/9/3/2)

1:05 minutes: Working party: MAS, Vol 2, facing p275 (2332/3/9/3/4)

1:10 minutes: Letter to Mother, 28 Sep 1916 (2332/1/1/2/84)

1:13 minutes: Letter to Mother, 25 Oct 1916 (2332/1/1/2/99)

1:16 minutes: Letter to Mother, 22 Oct 1916 (2332/1/1/2/97)

1:20 minutes: Letter to Mother, 29 Jan 1917 (2332/1/1/2/142)

1:23 minutes: MAS Vol 1, Cover Page (2332/3/9/3/2)

1:27 minutes: Photo of Sherriff in Kingston Rowing Club blazer (2332/6/6/11/6)

1:38 minutes: Savoy Theatre Programme, Author’s collection

1:57 minutes: Photo of Officers of ‘C’ Company, April 1917 (2332/6/4/2/3)

2:13 minutes: Photo of Dan Dawes as Hardy, courtesy of Mesh Theatre Company

2:18 minutes: Photo of Percy High and other officers (2332/3/9/3/2)

2:28 minutes: Photo of Paul Bettany as Osborne, courtesy of Lionsgate Films

2:41 minutes: Morris caricature : MAS, Vol 2, facing page 254 (2332/3/9/3/3)

2:56 minutes: Morris text description: MAS, Vol 2, p256 (2332/3/9/3/3)

3:04 minutes: Photo of Toby Jones as Mason, courtesy of Lionsgate Films

3:08 minutes: Photo of officers of 9th East Surreys, March 1917 (ESR/25/CLARK/7)

3:14 minutes: Photo of Asa Butterfield as Raleigh, courtesy of Lionsgate Films

3:42 minutes: Photo of officers of ‘C’ Company, op cit

3:47 minutes: Newspaper cutting of Dick Webb, from Sherriff’s scrapbook (2332/9/11)

5:01 minutes: Photo of Alex Tol as Hibbert, courtesy of Mesh Theatre Company

5:38 minutes: Photo of Sam Claflin as Stanhope, courtesy of Lionsgate Films

5:40 minutes: Caricature of Captain Charles ‘Baby’ Hilton (ESR/19/2/7)

5:46 minutes: Caricature of Captain Gerald Tetley MC (ESR/19/2/7)

5:53 minutes: Photo of officers of ‘C’ Company, op cit

6:15 minutes: Photo of ex-officers at Journey’s End matinee (ESR/25/CLARK/15 (20))